0.3 Carat Diamond, Emerald Cut, Color I, Clarity VS1

Color: I Clarity: VS1 Cut: N/A

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Diamond Details
Shape Emerald
Carat 0.30 ct
Color I
Clarity VS1
Cut N/A
Polish Very Good
Symmetry Very Good
Fluorescence None
Certification GIA
Certificate Number 1403321557
SKU 230529643
Length (mm) 4.41
Width (mm) 3.2
Height (mm) 2.22
Table (%) 68.00
Total depth (%) 69.40
Girdle -
Diamond Details

The international unit of weight used for measuring diamond and gemstones, 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Use below guide to estimate the size of your diamond.

The scale below illustrates the size of a 0.300000 diamond. Remember that while the measurements below are typical, every diamond is unique.

Ruler3.2 mm
Color: I

I is Tinted White. Much less rare and inexpensive than the Whites. Will not put a dent in your wallet.

Clarity: VS1

VS1 This diamond has few, very small inclusions. The inclusions are very difficult to see under a 10x power magnification, and are almost never visible to the unaided eye. VS1 grade diamonds present an excellent value in clarity because they are typically free of visible blemishes, and they are less expensive than higher clarity grades.