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Antwerp diamonds : history and origin of diamonds

Diamonds In Antwerp

Antwerp diamonds have been recognized for generations, to begin with because the town of Antwerp has been historically  a significant business center for several types of trading goods . But most of all, because Antwerp has been the centre of the global diamond industry since the 15th century. Actually the very first published report found of the diamond industry happening in Antwerp was in 1447.

Diamonds in Antwerp are inherently part of the city's genetics.

Diamonds in Antwerp come from all around the world and continue their path through the town as rough or polished diamonds.

Diamonds made in Antwerp  are  also greatly known because of their excellency with regards to specialized procedures used to cut and polish a diamond.

The origin of diamonds

Diamonds are completely unique within the world of gems for many reasons.

Diamonds are completely made from 1 chemical element: carbon. Which varies significantly from other minerals that are made up of at least two elements.

But what makes diamond a diamond ?

Its crystal structure: what sort of carbon atoms are routinely, repeatedly placed along the crystal lattice.

Diamonds are the only mineral which actually forms deep in the earth’s upper mantle, between 140 and 190km below the earth’s crust to be exact; also it requires a defined amount of high pressure – 45 to 60 kilobars - and temperature - 900° to 1300° - for a diamond to be formed.

Diamonds are delivered to the surface through volcanic activity once created. They may be alluvial meaning the diamonds were moved through erosion, and so are available in the sea, or within riverbeds . For instance across the coast of Namibia. Or as we also know, around and in diamond mines in Australia and Botswana, South Africa  and Canada.

Another remarkable fact about diamonds, is if we might utilize this phrase , the fact that the earliest diamonds that  have been found are billions of years old.


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