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Buying diamonds at

Our promises when buying a diamond online at



Here at, we want to make sure your diamond is the very best of the best. In order to do that, we screen all diamonds and pre-select only diamonds of the very highest quality to offer for sale. Our pre-selection process always yields diamonds of high brilliance and clarity, and they are always certified by the best laboratories in the world.


Cut, Color, And Clarity

We specialize in brilliant round cut diamonds. All of our premium diamonds are colorless to nearly colorless (a color rating from D to I on the GIA color chart). Our premium diamonds are also very pure, nothing less than a

V VS1 rating on the GIA clarity chart – that means our diamonds has Very Very Slight inclusion or better!

You won't find a diamond for sale anywhere else as clear and pure as the premium, pre-selected diamonds here at!


Every Diamond Certified

At, our diamonds are always certified by the three most important laboratories in the world: the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and HRD. As proof of certification, all of our diamonds arrive sealed in a blister pack with an accompanying certificate. The certificates identify each stone with a special number and the same number is laser-engraved on the girdle of the corresponding diamond.

With this certification process, you will always know that your diamond is authentic and perfect!


Further diamond education

Our diamond education pages help you to understand the 4 C's of diamond quality so yo can choose your next diamond wisely.

Learn more about : the 4 C's of diamond quality - The different diamond shapes - Diamond certification

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