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How to buy an ethical loose diamond ?

What are ethical diamonds?


Ethical diamonds are diamonds for which we know the whole supply chain, from the origin towards the finished loose diamond. It is crucial to build trust that people can find out that the diamond they're purchasing is from a lasting source, produced by the top craftsmen and the diamonds are fully traceable.

The confidence of buyers is why  today’s diamond market is successful. The customer is looking at purchasing a quality value item with a powerful emotional appeal and so a controlled supply chain is a must in building and maintaining this trust.

Purchasing diamonds that are considered ethical

Buying diamonds isn't a simple process, but when trust exists, then your first step is already completed.

Knowledge if  diamonds are trustworthy can be achieved by looking at the diamond details companies are providing on their website:

To start with the information regarding the quality of the diamonds and for example if there is certification by a recognised laboratory like IGI, HRD, GIA.

Quality companies like will guarantee that the diamonds sold are conflict free.

These factors are all significant when looking at buying diamonds online, whether for investment purposes or not.

By buying diamonds directly at the origin and giving recognisable laboratory reports for your diamonds which can be certified.


Further diamond education

Our diamond education pages help you to understand the 4 C's of diamond quality so yo can choose your next diamond wisely.

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