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Buying diamonds from a source you can trust |

Buying diamonds from a source you can trust


Diamonds hold a valuable financial and aesthetic value. When buying a diamond, whether small or big, ensuring that you are getting it from a reliable source is indispensable. By purchasing from, you are buying from a source that takes every measure possible to ensure it is trustworthy. Below, we are going to go through some reasons to why you should trust in buying from our website.

We Provide a Complete Package

At Antwerpdiamonds.Direct, we take care of everything. We finally preselect the best collection of premium diamonds available. We ensure that it’s certified by the industry’s leading laboratories, show you by a detailed step-by-step guide how to pick the one that suits you best, ship it to your place, insure it and give you a return-back guarantee in case you weren’t comfortable with your selection.

We are present hand-in-hand throughout the entire buying process to make sure that you get the best deal and that you are pleased with the selection that you have done. We aspire to make the process as smooth as possible and give you everything you need to trust us.

We Give You a Look behind the Scenes

At Antwerpdiamonds.Direct, we always make sure that the way we do business as transparent as it can be. We publish the names of the laboratories we are dealing with, let you in on the process of picking the best diamonds, and try to simplify it as much as we can so you can follow through it yourself.

Diamonds are delicate products, and most sellers will not offer you a return-back guarantee, but we do because we care to build a long-term relationship with your as a buyer, and we are prepared to sacrifice more than one sale to achieve that.

We Sell at Wholesale Price

Selling at a wholesale price ensures that you are always getting your fine stones for a reasonable price. We do that because we believe that every diamond fan should have the ability to buy the stone that he likes at an affordable price.

When you buy a diamond from us at wholesale price, you are saving what a typical shop could charge you in case you decided to opt for mounted diamonds. Buying loose diamonds not only saves you money but it also gives you control over how you could use it which is another benefit that you get only if you buy from us.

We Only Sell Certified Diamonds

Every diamond we sell is certified by GIA, HRD or IGI, the three leading laboratories in the industry. With every diamond you are going to purchase from our website, you will get a laser-engraved girdle by the laboratory that carried out the certification process and associated documents as a proof of accreditation.

Rest assured that every stone offered on our website is hand-picked by our experts to please you and give you the opportunity to pick from the finest group of premium diamonds available on the market

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