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How to buy a loose diamond online |

How to buy diamond online |

The Correct Approach to Buying Diamonds Online

Unlike conventional products, diamonds hold a much a higher financial and intangible value. When shopping online, to ensure that you are buying the right diamond, there is a certain approach that you need to follow. We are going to go through the steps that constitute this approach.

Determine the Shape

The first step to buying a diamond online is to determine the shape that you like. There are several forms available whether in regular or virtual stores. The most common ones are round, oval, radiant, emerald, heart, cushion, and marquise.

When picking the shape of the diamond you plan on buying, keep in mind the way you are going to use and what exactly do you plan to wear it with. Each shape is designed for a different use. Diamonds that you are going to use for decoration aren’t necessarily the same diamonds you are going to use when you customizing ornament. Before picking the shape of the diamond, write a list of criteria and check them one by one.

Determine the Budget

After picking the shape of the diamond, determining your budget should be the next step. Determining the amount you are willing to afford to get the stone that you like will help you identifying the exact size that you can have. Colors and sizes are often prominent factors in deciding the value of a diamond but rest assured that when you browse the available stones in our store, you will find a diamond that fits every budget, whether in color or size.

Choose a Size

After determining your budget, choosing a size shouldn’t be too hard to do. If you find that a 1-carat stone doesn’t fit your budget, you can always pick a 0.85 or 0.99 one instead. While the difference in size could be clear to experts, most people will see diamonds the same size.

Size is always the determining factor when it comes to price, but it is also something that you replace. If your budget doesn’t fit the size you would like to buy; you can always find a decent alternative if you looked at the right place.

Picking the Color

The whiter the diamond is, the more expensive it will be. What you will find at is diamonds marked from D to I. D marks the whitest stone available while I reside at the other end of the spectrum. When choosing the color, you should also keep in the mind how finely cut the diamond is because a badly-cut D stone may not look as shiny and beautiful as a finely-cut I diamond.

Once you have settled on a diamond to buy, make sure that you are buying it for the right price. Through our website, Antwerpdiamonds.Direct, we sell preselected premium diamonds at an affordable wholesale price. We also offer certificates, shipping, and insurance with every sale. We also have a dedicated team available 24/7 to advise you on every step of the buying process.


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