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How to Invest in diamonds

Are you new to investing in diamonds?

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Diamonds have historically always been a wise investment choice. While there is always a small element of risk with any investment, diamonds have consistently increased in value by 3-5% per year over the last decade, irrespective of the world’s economy. It is this lack of volatility that makes diamonds such an attractive financial proposition many. Still, we do not advise on investing in diamonds for a quick return on your outlay. You need to allow time for your investment to mature over a number of years if you are to take full advantage of its earning potential.

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Diamonds as an investment is always a very delicate issue. The problem with investing in diamonds when you buy retail is that you’re actually usually buying a jewel. When you’re buying a jewel, you’re buying a totally different product. By buying a loose diamond alone, you’re actually investing on the part of the jewel that is the most expensive - that carries the most value. So keeping some of your assets in diamonds is not necessarily a bad idea. Also, they’re easy to transport, easy to give as a gift to anybody - any of your loved ones.

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