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Millenials ( under 35's ) have been purchasing diamonds again!

First of all I'd like to take this opportunity to wish ALL of you a Brilliant 2017 !

Also, I'd like to thank the hundred's of you who have contacted us the last 3 months concerning your eventual loose diamond purchase.

We hope that all of you, yes, even those who chose not to purchase a loose diamond at, were satisfied with our assistance.

As for those of you who became our 'first' time clients, we at are honored to have been your diamond supplier of choice. We thank you for your trust in us, and for your wonderful feedback. We anxiously await your next order !

I recently just read an article where Mr Bruce Cleaver ( DeBeers Group CEO ) is quoted as saying that Millenials ( under 35's )  have been purchasing diamonds again!  (

What's very interesting to note here, is that the decisions to pick a  loose diamond are more and more made 'jointly', which if you read between the lines, might signify that the modern woman wants to know more about her diamond. Never has it been so important to be so transparent when giving information as to the diamond's criteria as today. And most likely, this aspect of the diamond selection, will become more and more detrimental for the consumer.

Why am  I saying this ? Simply because we at began our 'mission' to not only emphasize the importance of certification and laser inscriptions, but also to educate those of you who are interested and passionate about the most valuable piece of your jewellery: the loose Diamond.

Come visit us at where you can find our pre-selected premium quality diamonds. Which obviously will be delivered with their corresponding Laboratory Report ( HRD, GIA or IGI), and will have their Laboratory and Certificate number laser engraved on their girdle.

If you are looking for a specific diamond which you cannot find on our pre-selection, don't hesitate to contact us by telephone or email or complete our special form and we will give you our best quote within 24 hours.