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Examing loose diamonds with a loupe

What is  a diamond loupe and  when to use it?

While thinking of a magnification device - a loupe, one often imagines the loupes our grandparents used to read magazines and the little ones employed by collectors to find out the detailed facts in paintings and stamps.

Diamond loupes are slightly different in that they are super portable and little.

A suitable loupe has to be described as 10-power triplet - meaning it has three lenses that are merged together in order to remove distortion and color fringing. These loupes are the most sold and the most used int the market. GIA as an example often describes a loupe which has this magnification when describing the clarity to get a stone's grade.

You may also find as much as 30x magnifying loupes available on the market, but these aren’t as popular because it is utilized for really small products and less suitable for normal customers to inspect their diamond.

Even though  the diamond loupe doesn’t replace the microscope for thorough viewing, it will stay an important device used daily in the jewelry and diamond business worldwide, to determine all key blemishes and traits of the diamond when selling and buying diamonds.

Purchasing a diamond

While considering  to purchase a diamond, you can obviously just take a look at the certification from a well known lab to understand the facts of the diamond, however, you may also take a look at the diamond itself and explore the miracles of color, clarity, cut levels and much more. Thats why a loupe is very practical that's. It's light and small and certainly can be transported everywhere.

The loupe can also be extremely useful when attempting to rapidly determine if the diamond includes a laser inscription on its girdle therefore providing you with its id number, connected with the lab to certification report.


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