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Diamond clarity explained

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  • Diamond clarity explained
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Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity refers to the presence of imperfections (usually natural) in a diamond. All diamonds contain some degree of imperfection, and are graded using a diamond clarity scale that runs from FL (meaning flawless) to I (meaning easily visible imperfections). 

It has an impact on the resulting brilliance and shine of diamonds as well as the overall physical appearance. Several imperfections can also be found in diamonds and this includes specks and surface defects. Some of these imperfections naturally occur while some occur during the cutting procedure. As a matter of fact, a completely flawless diamond is extremely rare and obviously expensive.

Diamond clarity is expressed in the following terms: 

Flawless (FL) — indicates that diamonds neither have internal nor external blemishes. Essentially, flawless diamond clarity means that the diamonds are perfect in so far as clarity is involved.


Internally flawless (IF) — considering the name, this clarity of diamond grade means that the gem has no internal imperfections but may exhibit minor external ones. More often than not, IF and FL is categorized as one clarity grade.


VVS1 & VVS2 — stands for «Very, Very Slightly included». This means that there are minimal imperfections found on the diamonds. Because such imperfections are minute, even experienced graders will find it hard to see while using their jeweler tools. As expected, flaws for this diamond clarity are almost impossible to detect even by the sharpest unaided pair of eyes. VVS1 diamonds are considered slightly better than VVS2 with both being extremely high clarity of diamond grades with great values.


VS1 & VS2 — refer to «Very Slightly included». Flaws for this category are also minimal but greater than VVS flaws. Such imperfections may or may not be evident to human’s naked eyes.


SI1 & SI2 — are &laquoSlightly Included» categories. Their imperfections are easily spotted by skilled diamond graders, and even anybody looking thoroughly at the stones.


I1, I2, & I3 — is the «Included» category. This means that significant flaws are visible whether within or on the diamond surface. Although quick glances will overlook the flaws, they become obvious through closer inspections even with unaided eyes


The rating of this characteristic is determined by  the size, number and location of internal and external characteristics. Also described as inclusions, the internal characteristics include crystals, clouds and feathers. External characteristics or surface irregularities are also called blemishes. For grading the diamonds on this characteristic a 10x microscope is used.


Read further to find our recommendations and tips on what  clarities to select to find the best diamonds for your budget.



Diamond Clarity chart

Diamond clarity chart

Our advice to find a quality diamond

Clarity of diamonds is probably the most subtle to distinguish (  of the 4 C's  ) to the non-trained eye. 

In order to be capable to distinguish between clarities above Si 1, you would pretty much need to take a gemology course. This is why we recommend ( not to say insist ) that you ( the consumer ) insist on a Diamond Certificate for one of the most important laboratories. Also, the fact that the diamonds that we deliver are sealed ( NOT by us ) by GIA, HRD or IGI, guarantee their authenticity and their grading.

We have selected to sell MAINLY VVS 1 and Internally Flawless ( or Loupe Clean ), so that you are ensured that your diamond is not only rare, but also unblemished. These diamonds have none or almost no inclusions visible. 

If you ever would like to buy a diamond of a lesser clarity, feel free to contact us for our best offer.


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Diamond clarity : a GIA education video


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