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Emerald Cut Diamond


You've a variety of possibilities to choose from once you begin your  Emerald cut diamond search. If you like to purchase your certified diamond for less you will have to carefully research and make the best selections to obtain the right loose diamond 

It's very important to choose a diamond which fits your individual taste , if are looking to purchase a diamond online to design your personal diamond ring or other diamonds jewelry.


Loose diamonds come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors and cuts. Four fundamental traits  CutClarityColor and Carat Weight determine the cost of your diamond. All these four qualities affect the appearance and price of your diamond and must be considered when selecting your loose certified  diamonds. The greater the cut, clarity, color and the higher the carat weight, the more expensive and more valuable the diamond.

 Tips to buy your emerald cut diamond

It's very important to be well-educated about the different facts of diamond grading and diamond choice. We recommend  to visit our Diamond Learning Center  to find our more about certified diamonds, diamond characteristics and diamond quality.  

Cheap diamonds usually don't have  diamond certification and make not a very good choice if you are looking for a high quality stone.

 We suggest to buy your emerald cut diamond online if you should be looking to purchase a diamond at a discount. 

 Emerald cut diamond facts

 Emerald cut stones demand a high quality

 Because an emerald cut diamond is large and open you cannot hide inferior quality traits like clarity. 

Emerald diamonds are less expensive

 While they are more rare than other shapes, they are also less demand. This results in lower prices for an emerald cut diamond

Emerald diamonds make your fingers look thinner


Emerald cut diamonds are elongated. This means emerald cut engagement rings give the illusion of longer and more slender fingers.


Feel free to Contact Us with any concerns you could have regarding diamond qualities, buying  certified diamonds or choosing your own  personal loose diamonds. We are pleased to answer any of your issues or assist you find the diamond that fits your specific needs. 


Carat weight has always been a hot topic, especially where diamond engagement rings are concerned. The question of diamond size has significant social implications, not to mention its effect on the value of an engagement ring. Hence, many engagement ring consumers are concerned with meeting the social standard. The One Carat Diamond has become the cultural standard for traditional diamond engagement rings. However, statistics show that the true standard size of certified diamonds set in engagement rings is a Half Carat Diamond and below. Two Carat Diamond  engagement rings account for just 5% of all engagement rings sold in the United States, making the two carat diamond comparably large, rare and valuable. Three Carat Diamonds  are much larger than the traditional standard of diamond engagement rings, as their rarity makes them an exceedingly exclusive and precious diamond size.