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One Carat Loose Diamonds

Browse our selection of one carat loose diamonds. Filter your search by carat colour and clarity to find your perfect loose diamond. We have preselected our diamonds so you are sure that whatever you buy it will be a visually beautiful diamond 


Why is a 1 carat diamond a popular size ?

People tend to prefer rounded numbers, this is why a size like 1 carat is highly in demand. 1 carat diamonds are even more exclusive as it not only represents a rounded number but it is also a whole carat. Another reason why it is a popular sizeis because it is also the standard people use when looking for a diamond engagement ring. 

Lastly as this carat size is highly in demand, there is a noticeable price difference between a 1 carat and a .99 carat diamond , the premium for a 1 carat can be as high as 20% while the difference between a 0.99 and 0.98 carat is only around 1%.


How much does a 1 carat diamond cost?

The average price people spend on a 1 carat diamond is around 4000-6000 Euro. The very best qualities can cost  over  16000 Euro ,depending on their characteristics and overall quality. If you are willing to make concessions in colour and clarity you can already find 1 carat diamonds below 2000 Euro even. When you decide to make an important purchase like this we recommend you to educate yourself so you understand what determines the quality and price of a diamond. Our diamond consultants are available to help you with personal and professional advice, online or in our office.



Tips to save money when buying your diamond online


- Buy a diamond just below rounded digits for a saving up to 20%

- Drop clarity or color grade to further reduce the price

- Fluorescence is not visible with the naked eye, consider buying a diamond with a faint Fluorescence ( when buying a diamond for an engagement ring. We do not recommend this for investment purposes)

Bottom line

1 carat diamonds are the preferred stone when buying for an engagement ring or for investment purposes. They will keep their value better long term and always will have a significant price difference compared to diamonds with even a slightly lower weight.