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Price match guarantee
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Vat & Tax Free Diamonds


VAT Free Diamond Purchases

Buying from is the right choice for customers living outside of the EU. We ship regularly with express, insured couriers to all corners of the globe. Customers outside of the EU are exempt from paying EU VAT and other EU taxes. With VAT free purchases Zero rate VAT applies on items that will be shipped by directly to destinations outside the EU.

However, in your home country local import duties and VAT may be applied. We receive regular updates from our international shipping couriers regarding rates but we do not take responsibility for VAT and import duties charged in the countries of delivery outside of the EU. Therefore If you are not sure of VAT and taxes to be charged in your country upon receipt of shipment, we recommend that you confer with us and also check with your local authorities. is not responsible for any taxes and/or expenses charged by authorities outside of the EU.

VAT Refunds

Visitors from outside the EU are entitled to receive a full VAT refund on goods they have purchased during their stay in the EU provided that the goods are produced to Customs on departure from the EU together with the VAT refund documents.


Please allow enough time ( +/- half a working day ) to have your loose diamond brought to the Antwerp Diamond Office, where it will be sealed in a secure bag and it will be controlled for its value with its corresponding invoice(s). This sealed bag may not be opened until your arrival to your final destination. Where it is your responsibility to present it to the local customs authorities.

Goods must be exported from the EU within 3 months of their purchase

Before leaving the EU, Customs will need to check if you are taking the purchases with you. Show Customs your purchase receipts and purchases ( which will need to still be in the non tampered with sealed plastic bag. After the check, Customs will validate your purchase receipts with a Customs stamp ( or scanned ).

EU-Customs will consider you a non-EU resident if you have proof you live in a country outside the EU for at least six months per year. This is automatically proven if you are not registered in the EU as a resident. Customs can check if you are registered in the EU through a database. A legal document stating your residency in a non-EU country is also enough proof like a visa or work permit.


To refund the VAT amount, you need to send the original stamped purchase receipts along with your bank details back to :

Alpilex Diamond Mfg, Pelikaanstr 78, 2018 Antwerp

Switzerland Tax Free Diamonds

With our express, fully insured courier service, delivery takes between 2-14 working days. You will receive your purchases directly at your doorstep. All our shipments are fully insured and guaranteed.

Taxes Applied by the Swiss Authorities

Upon arrival in Swiss,your package may pass through customs and you will be required 7.8% + a small administration fee ( no more than 50 SFR for customs clearance )  These numbers may not be current at date of your delivery and therefore we recommend that you check with your local authorities. is not responsible for any taxes and/or expenses charged by the Swiss Authorities.

USA Tax Free diamonds

Buying from is the perfect choice for USA residents. In addition to buying directly from the world’s major Diamond Bourse at wholesale prices, USA residents benefit from not paying the EU VAT

Taxes Applied by the US Authorities

Only the local State tax ( when applicable ) and a US User Fee Tax for the importing of loose diamonds into the US of 0.34%. ( 3.4$ per 1000$ ). A small local fee may apply for customs clearance into the US. This will be charged by the courier.


If you are a diplomat, you can request a ‘libre permis’ from your employer. This is a document stating you are eligible to purchase tax-free. Diplomats residing in the EU can also be eligible for tax-free purchases via a libre permis. The libre permis must be presented at Customs together with your passport to receive a Customs stamp on the purchase receipt.