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Diamond buying guide

Why should you purchase a loose certified diamond?

  • As a Gift for a special occasion: If you have a wedding anniversary, birthday or potential engagement coming up, then a sparkling diamond really is the gift that says it all. We sell our certified diamonds lose so that you or the recipient can have the ultimate choice in how to use them. Whether that be for a ring, pendant or as an investment present, purchasing them this way saves you huge sums of money when compared to high street costs and gives you the option of creating a truly custom-made, unique piece.
  • As an Investment : Diamonds have consistently increased in value by 3-5% per year over the last decade, making them the ideal investment choice for those who have time on their side. As we explain more clearly in our investment guide, certain types of diamonds make sounder investment choices than others. In brief, those that are certified, round in shape, laser inscribed, cut to the highest standard and with the clearest clarity have the best shot at making you serious money in the long run.
  • To make your own Jewelry: If you truly want to have a unique custom-made jewelry featuring the diamond of your choice, buying a loose certified diamond is the right way to go. You can visit any goldsmith and freely discuss the ring or jewel design you want. Not only do you save a big amount of money, but you will have a truly unique jewel in your possession.
  • As it is Cheaper: Jewelers, such as those found in your local shopping center, typically make around 50-200% profit on each piece of jewelry they sell. We, on the other hand, completely cut out the middlemen, connecting you directly to the diamond mines and cutters. As a result, we can pass on the savings directly onto you, providing you with the chance to own the same product at a fraction of the cost.
  • As the quality is easier to inspect: It can be difficult to inspect a diamond that's already mounted in a jewelry setting, especially if you're not a professional jewelry grader. If you buy a loose diamond online, you'll be able to inspect it from every angle with a special jeweler's tool called a loupe (a magnifying tool that jewelry graders use to inspect a stone from all sides and angles). If the stones aren't certified, you should carefully inspect it for any small inclusions, cracks or any other flaws to make sure you're getting the best value for your money. Our advice is to always buy a certified stone in a sealed container so you are assured of the quality you bought.
  • As it is easier to make a purchase within your budget: It is easier for you to make a purchase within your stipulated budget. Most jewelers carry limited preset rings and you might not always be able to find one that fits your budget or criteria. You are either forced to raise your budget or to make a compromise and settle for less.

Which Size Should You Buy?

Choosing the ‘right’ sized diamond is entirely dependent on your preferences and budget.

The size, which is defined by carat weight, can have a large effect on the potential investment value of your diamond in the future, so we would always recommend purchasing a stone that is at least 0.5 carat.

If, however, you are purchasing the diamond to be part for a piece of jewelry, then choosing the perfect size really is completely up to you.

What Color should I choose?

Color, like all the other parameters ( other 4c's ), also influences the price ( value ) of diamonds. We at recommend I color and better. I is the borderline between 'white to the eye' and 'slightly tinted '. On a jewel, or even isolated, it is very difficult for the untrained eye to detect this.

D color is totally 'colorless', and is therefore the 'whitest' diamond color. E is the 2nd highest color and is considered Rare White, almost indistinguishable from D. F and G are considered 'Rare- White', and obviously very close to the highest colors, but at a more affordable price. H is the last of all Whites, although it contains a slight hue, it is very difficult to distinguish without comparing.

Colors are subjective and some people have a higher sensitivity than others. Conditions, such as lighting and sun may also influence how colors are perceived.

What about Clarity?

Again, another parameter that can influence the value of your diamond immensely.At we recommend only the highest clarities. Internally Flawless ( GIA or IGI ) or Loupe Clean ( HRD ) and VS 2

We have chosen to propose mainly these qualities because of a few very important reasons:

High-quality Diamonds are a rare commodity, and rarity is one of the main criteria for creating value. When diamonds are polished, we need to take all the parameters into consideration in order to optimize the value of each diamond. In order to Polish a diamond optimally, we not only need to consider Polish, Symmetry and Proportions but also how to remove as many impurities without sacrificing weight ( carats or size ). In short, almost every diamond can be cut into a VVS1 or Internally Flawless ( Loupe Clean ) one, but so much weight needs to be sacrificed ( yield ) that we end up losing the value of the diamond.

The average person cannot identify a VVS 2, let along a VVS 1 ! But one thing is clear, that if you purchase carefully, and request ONLY Diamonds certified by the World's best laboratories, with the certificate number lasered on its girdle, and sealed by the appropriate laboratory, you will be ensuring yourself that your Diamond is one of the finest available on the market. Its value will always be maintained due to its rarity.

Gia education: how to choose a diamond

Buying Loose Diamonds

When you are ready to purchase the Diamond of your choice, make sure that you visit our site or contact our experts to get the best possible deal for the best diamonds around.

If you know your budget, we will be more than glad to recommend which are the best diamonds ( value for money ) available at that particular moment.

If you’re out looking for the best diamond for your money, then contact us and let us know your budget and what you’re looking for. We will help you come up with the best possible Diamond for your requirements.

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