Premium Diamonds
Premium Diamonds
Price match guarantee
Price match guarantee
Ethically Sourced
Ethically Sourced
Worry-Free shopping
Worry-Free shopping

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Free Shipping takes upon itself to cover the delivery costs to any country or destination, and these costs are therefore not added to your bill. Moreover, all our shipments/deliveries are insured until you sign for their reception. Deliveries of diamonds are handled in a professional & discrete way by specialized couriers like Intex ,  Brinks & FedEx. All taxes and import duties are to be covered by the customer.

Conflict Free Diamonds, along with the global diamond industry, has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures such as the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market, the industry in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations, polices diamond exports to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds. At, we only purchase diamonds through the largest and most respected suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. All our diamonds are warranted to be conflict free. If one of our suppliers was ever found to be in violation of that process, we would immediately sever that relationship. We will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade. Diamonds are mined throughout the world, including major mines in Australia, Africa, Russia and Canada. Diamonds are a major source of good in many African nations, employing and providing healthcare to thousands. For more information on this issue, please visit

Certified Diamonds

When you order a loose diamond , we ship it to you with the accompanying diamond grading report (also called a diamond certificate). These grading reports are detailed documents created by diamond grading experts at one of two highly-respected diamond laboratories - making it very expensive to replace a diamond grading report. Because of this, we require each diamond grading report to be included with each returned diamond.

If you do not include both the diamond grading report and appraisal with your return, you will be charged a replacement fee of 200 euros.

Diamond Buy Back Program

We understand that some customers might end up in a situation where they will be in need of funds. Due to this, they might want to sell their previously purchased ( at diamond. We promise to give a fair offer to repurchase previously sold diamonds at a ‘fair’ market price. All costs ( recertification, shipping, handling, insurance etc..) will be taken into account. If we are not interested in repurchasing, we will do our utmost to find a customer who will be. We are pretty certain that you will receive an offer on your diamond within 7 working days, and if accepted, payment will be done within 14 days of closing the deal.

Best Price guarantee

Our best price guarantee makes it easy to purchase diamonds with peace of mind. If you find a comparable IGI , HRD or GIA certified diamond at a lower price, call us to discuss the options. If the offer meets our qualifications, we’ll match the price.

Diamond Upgrade Plan

We understand that some customers might be interested in eventually buying bigger diamonds. Therefore we are ready to help you upgrade. Often people buy a diamond within a particular budget, later in life, as they progress in their careers, they think about buying bigger diamonds. Obviously this decision implies ‘spending’ ( or investing more funds). Since we are confident in diamonds, we offer you the possibility of settling a part of your ‘upgraded’ stone, with your previously purchased ( at diamond.

Please contact us with details of your diamond and the one that you will want to upgrade to, and we will do the calculation for you. Only diamonds bought at in the original packaging and accompagnied with the original certificate are eligible.. Each transaction will be made in its own merit. In most cases, you can rest assured that apart from small administrative fees (  updating the older certificate, shipping, handling, insurance ) you will be benefitting from extraordinary conditions.

14 day return policy

According to our terms and conditions   all our clients have the possibility to return their diamond within 14 days after purchase and delivery of the product.  Read our detailed return policy for more details.

Examine your diamond at our offices in Antwerp

All the diamonds on our website can be viewed on request by making an appointment

Experience our diamonds from up close and receive personal advice in our headquarters in the middle of the Diamond area of Antwerp. Exclusively for clients, our experts will be ready to create a tailor-made experience. Make an appointment to view and pick-up your selected diamond, or to finish the transaction in our headquarters. We believe you should take your time when looking at your diamond in a nice and casual enviroment were our  experts are able to answer all your questions . We are dedicated to helping you find the exact diamond at the right price.  We will provide you the information you need to make decision and provide you with a number of diamonds that match your request fo you to review at your own pace.

Since 1983, our company has been a beacon of quality and reliability with an office in the centre of Antwerp.

Viewings are only by appointment during working days. Are you selecting a diamond for a special, sparkling occasion? Let us know up front what you are looking for and feel welcome in the heart of our company. Indulge in time, while we show you a selected range of loose, authentic Antwerp diamonds. Do you exactly have in mind what symmetry, cut, depth or fluorescence you would like to purchase? Just let us know up front and we will prepare the premium diamond for you.

Our payment methods include credit cards, maestro , wire transfer and cash payments ( up to maximum 3000 Euro) Contact our customer service at +32 3 233 91 60 to schedule an appointment.

Further diamond education

Our diamond education pages help you to understand the 4 C's of diamond quality so yo can choose your next diamond wisely.

Learn more about :   the 4 C's of diamond quality - The different diamond shapes - Diamond certification