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Designing a custom engagement ring

Designing a custom diamond engagement ring

Imagine the most romantic evening – a dinner in a lovely restaurant, champagne and gentle glances across the table. The time is just right to pop the question. Needless to say, a diamond ring will be needed to make the proposal extra special.

Once you start looking at diamond engagement rings, you’ll probably reach the conclusion that many of the options out there look quite similar. If you’d like to give your lady something unique, you may want to consider the purchase of loose diamonds and the creation of a custom engagement ring.

When opting for the more original approach, you’ll have to keep a couple of essentials in mind. The following guide will acquaint you with the specifics of buying loose diamonds and everything you have to know in terms of custom engagement ring creation.

The biggest benefits of buying loose diamonds to create your own custom ring

Before moving on to everything you need to keep in mind for successful diamond shopping, let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of loose diamonds. There are several reasons why people opt for these instead of purchasing a ring.

The first and the most obvious benefit you get is the freedom to do customization. A pre-mounted diamond is already acquired in its final form. You can’t make changes in terms of the ring metal, the setting, the shape or the number of diamonds it is going to feature.

Even if you love classic rings, chances are that you’ll still be incapable of finding what you’re looking for on the market. Do you have a vision in your head of what the perfect engagement ring should look like? If so, get a loose diamond or a few of those and design the ring on your own.

Apart from the design freedom you’ll get, loose diamonds bring a number of additional benefits to the table:

  • Cost-efficiency: engagement rings can be quite expensive. The size of the diamond and the craftsmanship both play a role. If you opt for well-known jewellery, you’ll also be spending money on the brand itself. Alternatively, you can get a rather big loose diamond without breaking the bank in the manner you’ll have to when considering diamond engagement rings. Depending on the jeweller you opt for, you’ll have to spend anywhere between 50 and 200 percent over the price of the diamond itself. Eliminating the middle man helps you keep the cost manageable.
  • A guarantee of authenticity: loose diamonds,  come with guarantee of authenticity. On top of that, the quality is much easier to inspect and imperfections will be noticed immediately. There’s no need to worry that loose diamonds are of inferior quality – this isn’t the case.
  • Convenience: loose diamonds can be acquired online effortlessly. When you opt for a well-known, reputable retailer, you’ll be benefiting from authenticity and 24/7 shopping options. The diamond will be delivered straight to your door in a couple of days. If you’re a busy professional, this option may be the perfect one for you.
  • Many options to choose among: loose diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, you’ll be free from having to make a compromise with the design of the perfect engagement ring. You can choose on the basis of carat, colour and shape. Once you have the perfect stone, you can move on to the creation of your bespoke engagement ring.
  • You can go quite eccentric with the design: loose diamonds give you the freedom to go crazy with the design of custom engagement rings. Diamond rings for women tend to be pretty much standard in appearance. If your lady prefers unorthodox jewellery, you’ll get to make something that corresponds to her taste and preferences.

Diamond Selection Tips

A few simple tips should be followed to choose the ideal diamond for your engagement ring.

To buy the perfect loose diamond, you should focus on shape, carat weight, clarity and colour. Always start with the four Cs: carat, colour, clarity and cut. These will be determining for the quality of the diamond and for its price.

Keep in mind there are many imitation materials out there. This is why you have to opt for a reputable loose diamonds retailer that will give you a certificate of authenticity. Various labs are responsible for diamond certification. Needless to say, these labs are not created equal. GIA, IGI and HRD are the top authorities in the field. If you’re looking at a loose diamond that’s certified by one of these organizations, you can rest assured in its quality.

It’s a good idea to set your budget in advance. This way, you’ll be free from having to examine dozens of options that simply don’t fall within a comfortable price range.

Making the Perfect Custom Diamond Engagement Ring: Tips and Ideas

Now that you have your diamond, the time has come to focus on creating the customized engagement ring. You’ll have to focus on a few very important aspects that will be determining for the quality of the final outcome.

You need to have a good idea about the ring size that will be just right. To determine her ring size, you can easily “steal” one of her rings and use it as a guide. Professionals use ring sizing gauges but you can accomplish pretty much the same by being a bit sneaky. Plastic ring sizers are also available for the purpose and some of those will be shipped out by jewellers to their clients for free. Getting her friends onboard is another good idea to make sure the ring will be the right one without ruining the surprise.

Next, examine the precious metal that you’d like to have the ring crafted from. A few of the most popular options include:

  • Yellow gold: this is 70 to 75 percent pure gold with some added alloys. It’s widely available and relatively affordable. A rhodium coating can be used to turn it in white gold but this coating may wear off eventually.
  • Platinum: this previous is an absolute classic when it comes to engagement rings. Platinum is very strong and very pure. The density of the metal is high, which means it will be really durable, it’s hypoallergenic and it has a sophisticated appearance. For many, this is the ultimate engagement ring metal.
  • Titanium: lightweight and grey, this metal can be used to produce something quite modern in appearance. Titanium is hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant. While it’s more commonly used for male rings, titanium may appeal to some ladies.
  • Rose gold: delicate and beautiful, rose gold is often considered representative of love. This is another classic choice that will result in a beautiful and expensive looking engagement ring.
  • Palladium: this metal is a bit on the expensive side but it’s very durable, hypoallergenic and it has a beautiful white metallic appearance. The density of palladium is lower than that of platinum, which makes it a bit more affordable.

Once you’ve chosen the metal, you’ll have to focus on the loose diamond setting. A few setting options tend to be a bit more popular than others. Here are the possibilities to consider:

  • Prong setting: one of the most popular options out there. As the name suggests, two or more prongs are used to secure the loose diamond in place. The only drawback of this setting is that the prongs could eventually snag on clothing.
  • Pave setting: tiny beads (also called mini-prongs) are utilized to place diamonds close to each other. This setting type is best for engagement rings that feature a bigger number of diamonds. One consideration to keep in mind is that beads aren’t considered as secure for keeping diamonds in place as prongs.
  • Bar setting: vertical bars of metal are used to keep the stones in place. Bar setting results in a smooth surface and a modern appearance. On the downside, the top and the bottom of the stone remain exposed. In some instances, there could be edges that may feel uncomfortable.
  • Bezel setting: in this case, a metal rim is created and it surrounds the stone to keep it in place. The bezel setting can be used to hide imperfections, keep the stone in its place and fit just about any stone shape. When yellow gold is used, however, the brightness of the diamond will be diminished because the yellow tint of the metal will be reflected in the stone.
  • Channel setting: multiple stones are placed next to each other and metal isn’t used to keep them separate. Two horizontal channels are created on both ends of the row to secure the stones. Channel setting is very popular for engagement and wedding rings that feature multiple diamonds. On the downside, resizing will be difficult when the entire ring is covered in diamonds.

When in doubt, talk to an experienced jeweller. You’ll get a better idea about the differences between settings and which one is best suited to the ring design you have in mind.

Apart from the setting, you’ll also have to focus on the style of the ring. Would you like it to have a traditional appearance? Do you want a vintage ring that looks like a family heirloom piece? Or maybe you’re interested in a minimalist and contemporary design? You may want to look at online galleries of diamond engagement rings. Draw your inspiration from those, make sketches and consider modifications that will result in something unique.

If you’re finding it challenging to handle the design on your own, you may want to get her friends involved. A close girlfriend of hers will give you a much better idea about her jewellery preferences and the style that will make her the happiest.

Keep her preferences and her personality in mind. If she’s a sporty, active lady, you may want to keep the band minimal. A single big diamond will look classy and it will also correspond to her lifestyle. A more glamour lady will be happier with a band that’s covered in diamonds or that features at least a few stones in an intricate and elaborate design.

Summing it Up: Custom Engagement Ring Creation

Going for a loose diamond gives you the freedom to make the most beautiful engagement ring for the woman that you love. The process may feel a bit overwhelming on occasions but the look on her face when you produce the engagement ring will justify all of your efforts.

Start by selecting a high quality loose diamond, especially if you want the ring to feature a single massive stone. The quality and the clarity of the diamond will be determining for the appearance of the final piece of jewellery.

Next, take some time to clarify the ring concept. Don’t rush through it. Think about the metal, the style and the thickness of the band. There are online ring design tools you can use for the purpose of finding inspiration. They’ll provide a chance to experiment with different settings and stone arrangements, giving you a better idea about what the final outcome is going to look like.

Finally, don’t forget to think outside the box – this is the biggest advantage of custom ring creation through the selection of loose diamonds. There’s no need to stick to a preset notion of what an engagement ring should look like. If you know her well and you have an idea that will make her happy, go for it no matter ho unorthodox it seems.

The special lady in your life deserves the perfect proposal. A beautiful engagement ring is the cherry on top of your romantic gesture. Give yourself enough time to buy loose diamonds and design the ring. Look for an experienced jeweller that puts together bespoke pieces, as well. If you’re meticulous during every step of the process, both of you will be more than satisfied with the outcome.

If you are looking for a special design on your custom engagement ring, you can count on AntwerpDiamonds.Direct. While our services do not include custom jewellery, we are partnering with professional goldsmiths that can make any chosen design come true. Contact us with your chosen design and we are happy to help you get in touch with one of our reputable partners.

We hope that you’ve found this guide useful. Please go through the website to find a bit more about loose diamonds and explore the variety that we have to offer. Also, we can help you with the selection of a skilled goldsmith that will bring your vision to reality. We have partnerships and industry experience that will be sufficient to guide you through the process. All you have to do is come up with the design (or find a ring that you really like online) and contact us. We’ll help with the rest.

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