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5 carat diamond

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5 Carat Diamond: Buy your diamond at, your diamond shop in Antwerp

Browse our selection of 5 carat diamonds. Filter your search by diamond carat, diamond color, and diamond clarity to find your perfect loose diamond. Our diamonds are preselected to ensure any choice you make will be a truly remarkable sight.

Why is 5 carat a popular size?

The 5 carat diamond is considered the pinnacle of luxury and opulence. This grand size is a rare find, making it even more desirable for collectors, investors, and those seeking an extraordinary piece for special occasions like engagements or anniversaries.

5 carat: How much does a 5 ct diamond cost?

The cost of a 5 carat diamond can vary greatly, depending on its characteristics and quality. Due to their rarity, 5 carat diamonds can command a high price. As with any large purchase, it is advisable to understand the factors affecting a diamond's quality and price. Our diamond consultants are available to provide you with personal and professional advice, online or in our office.

Learn more about carat sizes in our guide or how the prices are set for a 5 carat diamond

5 carat diamond: Tips to save money when buying your diamond online

Instead of a 5 carat diamond, consider buying a diamond just below this size for significant savings.

Fluorescence, which is not visible to the naked eye, can be a cost-saving factor when buying a diamond for an engagement ring. However, this is not recommended for investment purposes.

Bottom line

A 5 carat diamond is a truly magnificent choice for significant occasions, long-term investment, or for those who simply want to enjoy the unparalleled brilliance and luxury that such a diamond offers. These diamonds maintain their value exceedingly well over time and have a substantial price difference compared to diamonds of a slightly lower weight.

We believe in empowering our customers with all the information they need to make informed buying decisions. If you're unable to find or select the diamond you want, we're more than happy to help you online or in our offices to make the right choice together with you.

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