Premium Quality diamonds

Premium Quality diamonds at takes pride in preselecting and only offering diamonds with the highest qualities. This way, we are certain that any diamond bought by our customers will not only have the best qualities but also be a beautiful diamond with shine and brilliance.


To guarantee these qualities we only offer certified diamonds by the most respected laboratories in the world ( IGI, GIA, HRD).  All our diamonds are delivered laser engraved and accompanied by the original certificate issued by the lab that certified the stone. These certificates can be viewed before buying the diamond as pdf on our site.

Premium diamonds only

We also preselect the diamonds and offer a limited amount of high-quality diamonds on our site. This makes us unique compared the industry where typically a very large selection of diamonds are shown. At we offer less than 30.000 diamonds of the world ’s finest, and most beautiful diamonds. Some of our diamonds can be previewed in a 360-degree movie so you can visually inspect the actual diamond upfront in full details.

Our diamond preselection criteria to get the highest qualities

As we want to make sure the diamond not only has the highest qualities but is also visually beautiful we preselected diamonds with the following qualities:

  • We only offer colorless or near colorless diamonds (D-I) on our site.
  • In addition, as clarity is one of the most important criteria to determine the quality of a diamond we only offer diamonds with no visible inclusions ( VS2 or better).
  • Lastly, as we want our customers to receive a diamond that shines and sparkles we have further limited our selection to diamonds with an excellent or very good cut.