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Use the diamond price calculator to find the value of a diamond

We have created the diamond calculator to offer our visitor an easy way to calculate the price of a diamond.
Based on the 4 C's (carat, clarity, cut and color) and by using the diamond retail benchmark (DRB) we show you the price you can expect to find in traditional retail stores.

All prices are updated on a daily basis and shown in Euros. When you are looking to buy diamonds the guide will give you a quick reference price 

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Select your diamond by cut, color, clarity and carat to generate a cost estimate and compare prices.

Select your cut

Select your color

Select your clarity

Select your carat

Select your laboratory
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How to use the Diamond Calculator

We recommend our visitors to read our diamond price guide to better understand how diamond prices are calculated

  • 14 day returns Select Your Diamond ShapeDiamond prices have different price ranges for rounds and non-round diamonds.

  • 14 day returns Select Your Diamond ColorColor is what you see - if you want a perfectly colorless stone, go for D, E or F colors - these are considered colorless, but cost slightly more.

  • 14 day returns Select Your Diamond ClarityClarity or inclusions are what really make a differende in the price, but might not always impact how the stone looks.

  • 14 day returns Select Your Carat WeightFor example, a 1/2 CT. (50 points) diamond would be entered as 0.50 .

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